Monday, October 15, 2007

Opening night celebrations include this site specific performance work created specifically for the Gothic architecture of St Michaels Church. Wish is dedicated to the memory my delightfully eccentric brother Bill Prosser who died suddenly in February this year. His presence at last years opening was quite a treat and he had dearly wanted to be with me again this year. I often feel spirits in the night air of the Wollombi valley. Perhaps he will join us after all.

Wish is a fusion of light, music and performance exploring themes of loss and grief – and the redemptive quality of grace. Echoing a Russian fable, Wish chronicles the story of Anna, a young girl living in a magical kingdom of light that is plunged into darkness and decay. As the kingdom slowly dies, Anna must endure a variety of trials as she tries to reconcile her grief with a secret gift her father gave her. But for we who know only the warmth of the sun’s light, where would we find solace in a land blighted with despair?

Mark Hobby

Do not be afraid, my child
For night now does begin
Remember what it was I taught you
The song that plays upon the wind

It gives life to the night that claims you
Gives pause to your despair
If neglected it will leave you
A wish reclaimed, that is rare

Though grief you may experience
Do not let it leave its mark
For what dreams may rise from innocence
When light is cleaved from dark?

No, do not be afraid, my child
For though now I must leave
Remember the gift I gave you
And you shall always remember me.

Mark Hobby

Could darkness be the soul of Grace?
A touch of tenders, infinite
A speckled light, emerald spun
Of shadow’s cold delirium

Walk with me to the path of Grace
The shadows that fall on human hopes
Dim the heart in starry night
A gift of flame to consecrate

Seek the light the darkness brings
On stormy spirits a hymn to sing
From whispered lips a subtle gift
Grace reclaimed, make a wish...