Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"The Making of ..." Vines Doco

1. Chico Monks 2. Cassandra Hard-Lawrie 3. John Clegg 4. Michael Snape

Litte Dog Productions videographer

has offered to produce a documentary
about the Making of Sculpture in the Vineyards...

Last weekend we visited Wollombi to begin discovering the valley from the inside - meeting locals, visiting the vineyards and sampling their tasty products. John and Elsie from Millbrook Estate offered us their very fine vineyards cottage to stay overnight.

Shooting kicks off at the opening of the Robin Gibson Gallery's Sculpture 18 - annual sculpture survey show on 23 May.

An opportunity to track the progress of two invited artists
Chico Monks and Cassandra Hard Lawrie from city exhibition to country venue. Studio visits will follow with Michael Snape and John Clegg; consistent contributors to the Vineyards exhibition since Stella Downer launched in 2003. Local personality and current vice president of Valley Artists, Alan Glover has been lined up to have a word or two... more on that later.