Monday, August 28, 2006


Each week up until the opening on 7 October
I will be profiling one of our Vineyards artists.

This week we look at what DAPHNE SINCLAIR is proposing and indeed has already begun work on at Undercliff Winery.

Daphne has begun to place in the ground at Undercliff on the site of the Old Wollombi Brickworks sheets of muslin and/or vylene along with local pigments found in the region. These will record over time their evolution and deterioration, collecting stains, organic matter and residue. The period of time will allow the work to transform into a real 'ground' within which ecological systems could temporarily exist. Some of the works will be buried underground, while others will be hidden under thick foilage for this purpose. The sheets of fabric will then be removed and arranged for the final installation on the vineyard.

"My goal is to bring evidence of the land, the ground as the perceiving body of a wild landscape by revealing the residue of the earth's flesh. These works also bear withness to the delicate beauty of soils, ochres clays and debris from the earth. They do not serve to manipulate nature, but reveal nature's wild and seemingly effortless yet complex aesthetic."