Monday, September 25, 2006

Julie Brown

The distinction between the role of the artisan and the artist which provided a rationale for the ‘exaltation of the artist-genius' can be traced to the artists of the High Renaissance. The writer Vasari, who documented the lives of these artists, emphasised the intellectual aspect of art above its manual labour – the basis of the later art/craft debate – in order to give artists professional status and to differentiate them from artisans.

JULIE BROWN is a sculptor who in her own words, is 'searching for that unique element that creates art not craft'. Julie is a full time resident of the Wollombi Valley and has been grappling with this age old art/craft debate very phyically through a sculptural practice of 12 years. She began by taking evening courses in sculpture and life drawing at the Willoughby Art Centre and for the last 10 years has been a student of Col Henry - also one of our Sculpture in the Vineyards artists.

To develop a strong foundation in form and technique Julie spent a number of years working figuratively casting in resin and bronze. More recently she has began working with larger forms incorporating found objects and wire. Her 2006 work "Wildwood" can be seen flying high on the hill at Millbrook Estate vineyard alongside the work of serious metal-men Stephen Coburn and Michael Snape.