Saturday, September 30, 2006

SCULPTURE IN THE VINEYARDS will be opened at 5.30 pm
on Saturday October 7 by the cultural director of Maitland Regional Gallery – Joe Eisenberg.

In celebration of the launch, artists showing on the vineyards have contributed smaller works to a three-week satellite exhibition hosted by the Wollombi Cultural Centre. You can be guaranteed a vast range of approaches and sculptural definitions as artists from diverse backgrounds show together in the one building.

For opening night only, projection artist Cindi Drennan will present her new work - Voice of Light created especially for St Michaels Catholic Church. Fusing projection, illustration and painting she will combine projected images with live light painting, transforming and embellishing the church with illuminated drawing on ancient medieval iconography, with contemporary theosophical nuances. The light transformations will take place on the church after dark and continue until 11 pm.

Join us for opening night drinks, light snacks and a program of music. Food and drink for the rest of the evening will be available at the Water Hen Restaurant with proceeds going to the Wollombi Public School or at the Wollombi Tavern.

The exhibition is open Sat & Sun 10-4pm and Tues – Fri 11-3pm until the 22 October