Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I have just heard from a member of a new support group and thought some of you might benefit from the info...

P.O.S.A - Partners of Sculpture Artists, the silent sufferers of artistic genius. Alone on a Friday nite cos your loved one has declared war on 18th century Romantic exhuberant nature worship by adopting a 21st century deconstructed framework of effete minimalist nature worship using a quantum past
iche (they're out looking for sticks)?; finding yourself gluing purple felt onto a bronzed cast of an organgutan's arse at 3am and U DONT KNOW WHY, U JUST WANNA SLEEP?; forced to listen to your beloved expound upon theories and ideas you couldn't or shouldn't understand? Then you need P.O.S.A - the silent sufferers of artistic genius. U are not alone - tho u often feel you are. Join 2day!

Cynthia Lennon, Nora Joyce, Christiane Vulpius (Goethes) some our more well known members, partners of artistic geniuses, who although not sculpture artists, are creative types tarred with the same damm brush.

Cynthia Lennon was heard to say " Give me my money you F-ing ar@#!!!" she could never have approached such a forceful stance without the loving support of experienced P.O.S.A members


proofoftyrany said...

I reckon my partner would love to join, but I won't let her, I need the free labour.