Thursday, October 26, 2006

Holly Williams

The word on the streets is that 'politics is the new black' as far as the art world is concerned and there are some fine examples art with conscience in Sculpture in the Vineyards. Check out Deigo Bonetto's Weed Tour, for ironic look at unwanted 'species' and Juilet Fowler-Smith's work about water crisis and land management. To join them, Holly Williams' work Holding Pen makes a very pertinent and timely comment on Australia's decidedly dubious policies on refugees and its detention centre management of people in crisis. The work asks you take a good long look at yourself while pondering the realities of being 'penned' .
Holly is a director of First Draft Gallery in Sydney and active member of The Invisible Inc - a collective of seven Sydney-based visual artists engaged in individual and collaborative projects across a broad range of disciplines including photography, sculpture, video and installation. The current members of The Invisible Inc. are Rachel Scott, Emma White, Jaki Middleton, David Lawrey, Matina Bourmas, Holly Williams and Sarah Cashman. Through it's projects The Invisible Inc. aims to facilitate the production and cross promotion of contemporary practice that is critically engaged, relevant and non-commercially based.

Current projects of The Invisible Inc. include the publication runway, and the The Invisible Reading Room.