Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Jesse Graham

Last night in the extra cold, extra dark of a Wollombi evening, Jesse Graham, Jo his very supportive (P.O.S.A - see previous posting) partner and his aunt and uncle, Peter and Anne, worked feverishly with an effective however makeshift gantry to install "Largeness" at Cedar Creek Vineyard. Shortly before, in the light of late afternoon, another of his large sculptures "Tenor" was installed on a site courtesy Steve at Wollombi Real Estate adjacent to the office and across the road from the Wollombi Tavern.

In a word!! AMAZING! Jesse constructs these monumental works from any number of recyled materials. On closer examination you will recognise bits of cars, farm machinery, tools - all manner of scrap metals come to life as mythic beasts and in the case of "Tenor" a very animated opera singer celebrating the countryside. Not to be missed!!

His sample of his most recent work, larger than life egyptian Gods and Goddess', will feature this month in "Walking the Street" exhibition in Newtown main street at shop 559. http://www.ar.com.au/~iwcs/WTS.html