Thursday, May 3, 2007

Jacek Wankowski

REGENERATION, galvanised steel, 120 x 130 x 230cm
Undercliff Winery, Wollombi 2006

Jacek is concerned with intrinsic structural relationships (internal vs external) and extrinsic relationships within an immediate environment

Through his sculpture Jacek builds on his experience as a biologist to explore the nature of' what lies within. The external form is dictated by a complex three-dimensional internal structure of beams, and buttresses.

Inspired by a Nereid (a marine animal) Regeneration explores the tensions implicit In expressing a biomorphic form out of steel and the relationship of that to its immediate environs.

Cut welded to retain the spirit of hard-edged industrial objects, the works resolve the soft and pliable host structures and give the material form and 'life'. The pieces abstract these qualitative properties as well as the experience of interacting with the hosts, and the works' interaction with their immediate environments.

The material is important: life is by its nature soft flexible and pliable but steel is hard and unyielding - an industrial and sculpturally recalcitrant material. The nature of this material remains clear, retaining the 'grain' and marks of the making process and is juxtaposed , with 'softer' environs: natural or non-industrial man-made ones.