Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lyrebird Blues Band at the Wollombi Tavern

Sculpture in the Vineyards official opens at 4pm on Saturday 18th October at the old Wollombi Dance Hall.

We've got a few ideas to spice up the evening working around the usual exhibition opening format. One such includes a blending fashion, sculpture and performance to bring you a parade with attitude. "TRANSIENCE: Metamorphosis/Regeneration - a neo-pagan celebration of the patterns and diversity in the natural world."

More on that program once it is confirmed.

Following the opening we're proud and pleased to bring you Lyrebird Blues in an after party of sinful sounds down at
the world famous Wollombi Tavern - home of Dr Jurd's Jungle Juice.

Lyrebird - not exactly a name evoking the dark and terrible imagery of the blues: pacts with the devil, graveyards and chimneys of human skulls, Cobra-snake neck ties and deals struck in blood with mysterious strangers at midnight crossroads.

Still consider the Lyre of Orpheus, used by the mythical poet and musician, practitioner of the dark arts
to charm wild beasts and coax the trees and rocks into dance. He descended into the underworld inspiring the cult of Dionysus, god of intoxication and lewd rituals. Is something dark is skulking behind the benign moniker Lyrebird Blues Band? See you at the Tavern to find out!!