Monday, December 15, 2008

Don Barnett

hebel, 700 x 400 x 400mm - Undercliff Winery 2008

Price: $2,500

Don is a retired architect who took up sculpture in 1997, attending classes by Willi Haas at Tracks Studio Islington. He is a member of the Sculptuors Network and the NSW Sculptors Society. Don started with small abstract pieces in South Australian soapstone and timber and is now creating larger works in plaster, acrylic polymer and hebel block. He works from his studio/shed overlooking the bushland behind his Kotara home. Don has exhibited his work with the Sculptors Network and at the Hunter Botanic Gardens.


jason said...

Very elegant form. I assume this is soapstone?


curator said...

This piece is carved from Hebel.. A fabulous light stone like material