Monday, December 15, 2008

Janet Coyne

render, steel 2100 x 1000 x 700mm

Stonehurst Cedar Creek, 2008

Price: $5265

Inspired by a piece of coral, the twisting upward movement combined with the spreading fingers of new growth suggests a contradictory blending of fragility and strength. The promise of life, growing, striving and building ever upwards; yet maintaining the delicate balance of opposites. Nature has so much to teach if we are willing to learn.

The Dance

winterstone - 1000 x 210 x 150mm
Millbrook Estate, 2008

Price: $1750

In 1999 Janet joined the Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School, where she learnt sculpture in the tradition of the studio/school, using traditional modelling and carving methods. In 2004 she became a part-time teacher at the school and has continued to teach from her home studio in Sun Valley in the lower Blue Mountains.