Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Will Coles

Silence/life is fleeting/numb/alone
installation:fibre glass, resin, iron powder, ciment fondue, Undercliff winery 2008
TV Price: various from $650 - $950

Remotes: $50 each

Will’s sculptures have always been prompting questions rather than pretty lumps to gaze at. The conceptual works are poems, a word or two on the screen and the rest represented in the form, the material, the connotations or replications. Sometimes a sculpture might just be the physical manifestation of a random thought. He uses televisions as a way of connecting with the viewer, something immediately recognisable, and something we’re used to receiving information from - right or wrong. The televisions are concrete for the texture, and the porous aging quality of the material as well as to represent something man-made & mass produced.