Saturday, May 19, 2007

Patricia Lawrence


Stonehurst Cedar Creek, 2006
courtesy of Robin Gibson

Patricia Lawrence completed a science degree in maths and physics in 1951 and has taught in English and Australian schools, rearing three children, and becoming an accomplished potter. After discovering her talent for sculpting at an Art Institute in New Brunswick in 1982, she attended sculpture schools in Sydney (Tom Bass’s 1984 and Julian Ashton’s 1989) and in New York (The Sculpture Centre Studio 1988), and was a member of the Artists’ Collective Workshop in Stockholm 1990.

Patricia’s goal in her sculpture is to convey people’s movement or stillness, relationships and feelings. She aspires to make the results timeless and aesthetically pleasing - sometimes confronting. Her ideas of timelessness, space, rhythm and contemplation are strongly influenced by the natural environment. Patricia Lawrence’s work can be seen at the Robin Gibson Gallery, Darlinghurst, and the Beaver Galleries, Deakin, ACT.

She has sculptures at the UNSW, Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada, The Royal Alexandria Hospital for Children at Westmead, the foyer at 117 York Street, and in private collections in Australia, USA and Germany.