Saturday, May 12, 2007


found object, metal & enamel paint, 150 x 61 x 38cm
Stonehurust Cedar Creek, 2006
courtesy of Robin Gibson Gallery

For an outdoor sculpture to maintain its identity within a beautiful but distracting environment presentation is important. By contrasting the object with its plinth, both in form and colour, Chico attempts to combat this distraction, seeking a reaction from the viewer much like the gift of a present -good/bad, happy/sad. "A present is a gift, often given at a time of significance. Life is a gift and its significance should be celebrated." On closer examination, it is the opposition of black/white, full/empty, soft/hard, and movement/stillness which dominates the sculpture. Having no stable meaning, the work creates mixed reactions demanding attention and conversation. The best presents are always a mystery at first before revealing a personal significance.