Monday, May 7, 2007

Linden Braye

The Floating City from the Belly of the Western Distributor,
media, dimensions variable. Undercliff Winery, Wollombi 2006

Floating City uses mass produced utilitarian items with consumer value ‘re-made’. Inspired by Darling Harbour; a Sydney waterside development; an entertainment quarter with carnivalesque and cartoon-like features - a strange mix of reality and unreality. I have experimented with the objects to made things that reveal meanings or just become purely decorative. Seen together the work creates a city of images that drift across the water’s surface. Many themes run through the work and may seem unrelated, reflecting our ability to absorb and use ideas already existing, in historical and contemporary ways. Designed to entertain and amuse, this city is a micro world, a noisy and visual experience taking place on the waters of Undercliff. Floating City blends the beautiful and the ugly in an expanded rural location referencing the ever expanding world of development.