Monday, August 27, 2007

Conrad Dudley Bateman

2007 Sculpture in the Vineyards has begun in earnest. Well at least as far as the artists are concerned. 2007 artists will be profiled throughout the next two months and into the new year starting here with Melbourne artist Conrad Dudley Bateman.

Kaliedoscope III
Injection moulded plastic, steel, mirror. 2000mm X 900mm X 1400mm

Conrad grew up surrounded by art and developed a passion for sculpture from a very young age, learning vicariously from his surroundings. Being wise to the poverty of artists, he began and to his credit, finished a degree in Civil Engineering. Art however seeped back into his life via a sculpture elective he took during his degree. Wisdom left forthwith by a side exit. On completion of one degree, he began another studying fine art (Sculpture) at R.M.I.T. Wollombi is lucky enough this year to be treated to some of his fine artistic fare.

Continuing from the widespread use of the found object in 20th century art Conrad began using the materials of everyday life including credit cards, bread crates, maps, books and keys.

"These are not refuse or pre-loved and discarded objects but items that we use every day without ever actually seeing them. I believe that much beauty has been lost in modern conceptual art (even modern isn’t modern anymore!) and I hope that I am able to put some of that back, through my own aesthetic. When people find out about my engineering background they immediately assume, “large” and “concrete” whilst the truth of the matter is that the most useful skills I have developed are spatial perception and project management. Perhaps in the future I will be able to bring some of my artistic skills back into the world of engineering."