Sunday, September 9, 2007


the rose, the sentinel of the vine
embroidery thread, aluminium wire mesh, rose stems & thorns

Kath Fries completed her BFA with Honours at Cofa in 2001 and is currently undertaking her MVA at Sydney College of the Arts.
"I have not had the chance to exhibit my work outside and this is an exciting opportunity to take my installation work in a new direction."

Kath is proposing to work site specifically
camping on location to create the work in-situ. Using red embroidery thread she plans to subtly engage with the growing roses and vines, weaving into the plant growth creating trails and a sense of narrative flowing through the vine rows.

Over the two month period, it is anticipated that
the materials she uses will change in quality; embroidery threads will become frayed and bleached by the sun, wind and rain, rose stems will dry out and decay and the wire mesh itself responding to the elements will catch, collect and suspend debris from the wind. This process is integral to the temporal nature of the work.

Kath chooses to work in this way as roses were traditionally planted in vineyards as an indicator of the health of the vines. Both roses and grapes are subject to the same black rot, powdery mildew and pests, however roses show the symptoms earlier warning that its time to treat the vines before they too are affected.

The rose, the sentinel of the vine reflects human endeavors to control, manipulate and predict nature through farming
and cultivation - exposed to microcosmic elements, unwanted plants, hungry insects and birds, and of course unpredictable weather as recent flooding belies the ongoing drought.

In this artwork a precarious lifeline is implied by the fragile red thread. The rose and its thorns present sightly different characteristics, beyond our usual associations of roses with sexuality, romance and heartache or religious trials and obstacles to be endured or overcome.