Sunday, September 9, 2007


Sculpture in the Vineyards opens Saturday OCTOBER 20
at 5pm at Horse Heaven Gallery
10 Negro Street
(parallel to main street) for parking and access to the gallery

The opening will include an exhibition of small indoor sculpture by the same artists showing on the vineyards plus a multimedia presentation of the large outdoors works. Exhibition catalogues will be available on the night as well as tickets for the artist lunch the next day.

Students from National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Development Association (NAISDA) dance college, recently relocated to Gosford, will be joining us for the weekend and will perform during the opening.

Wine and light snacks donated by the host vineyards will be available from 5-7pm after which there will be dinner options available through local cafes to accompany the rest of the evenings performance/projection event.

Historic St Michaels church, diagonally across the road from the General Store will be illuminated by projection artist Cindi Drennan who, in collaboration with writer Mark Hobby, and performers Neil Berecry Brown, Ji-eon Lee and Cheryle Thompson will inhabit the main street from 7.30pm.

All welcome.