Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brian Sanstrom

Representatives of the Urban Sprawl
timber, steel & enamel paint, Wollombi Wines, 2008
Price: $ 5,500

Rural communities face many threats in their daily existence, among them the ever-encroaching sprawl of the cities urban boundaries. Turning once lush pasture into identical bland housing estates. The effect of these developments can been aligned with the similarities of noxious weeds with their own garish colours and uninvited presence.These 16 pieces, spread out and mushrooming up through the green environment represent dilemmas facing growing populations within the urban and rural communities.

Brian Sanstrom was born in Melbourne, taking up residence in Brisbane where he completed a Certificate IV in Visual Arts (Ceramics), followed by a Diploma of Visual Arts (Ceramics) in 2006. He has commenced his Bachelor of Fine Arts, at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, already having exhibited in a number of large outdoor exhibitions including Swell at Currumbin Beach QLD 2008. He is a recent finalist in the Blake Prize for Spiritual art.