Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sue Callanan

Water x Air
site specific installation - sponsored by Hunter Bottling

Undercliff Winery 2008

Sue has a history of creating site specific installations, using minimal interventions to point to and enlarge the span of the viewer’s gaze. In this instance she uses the wine bottle to suggest an interface between human activity and natural elements. She configures bottles in such a way as to zipper up the lake at Undercliff defining the body of water and the island contained within it. This zipper, or stripe, which merges colours of the bottles with those of the surrounding terrain, is intended to prompt the viewer to move along its path, taking in details of the landscape through which it courses.

Sue has been creating site specific artworks over the last 25 years. She highlights aspects of the natural or built environment through introduction of minimal sculptural elements “indigenous” to the site in such a way that displaces their familiar reading. Sue has completed UG and PG studies at Sydney College of the Arts and a Masters in Art in Public Space at RMIT, Melbourne.