Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Victoria Monk

54 hand blown glass solar tubes - donated by Physics Department, USYD.
Undercliff, 2008

2030 is fashioned on the game ‘Pick up Sticks’. The game is ancient and prevalent in all cultures and dates back to Gautama Buddha and divination. If we do not do something about climate change NOW, by 2030 there will be no chance to ‘pick up sticks’.

As a multi-media artist Victoria’s work reflects a dynamic approach to visual expression. From a background in performance and community art events she has developed a range of articulation that spans photography and sculpture, installation and printmaking. Her work is often informed by social and political issues that include human rights and environmental concerns. Although eclectic in approach a key influence in much of Victoria’s work has been her frequent travels through Asia, with love and respect of culture. An Eastern aesthetic therefore underpins much of her oeuvre.