Thursday, January 15, 2009

Felicity Yorston

copper wire - 1200 x 500mm, Undercliff Winery
sponsored by:
cma recycling

Price: $2,000

Winter is inspired by recently pruned vines, seemingly bereft of life but simply lying dormant waiting for spring. Taken by the miracle of how these bare stems and two sprigs could produce such an abudance of leaves and fruit with the change of season,
Felicity pays homage to the dormant grape vine through this sculpture.

Felicity has dabbled in a variety of artistic pursuits from costume design to printmaking over the last 25 years. In 1994 she discovered a new medium and went to study glass at Sydney College of the Arts, graduating in 2007. While she enjoys working with glass and sharing her knowledge through teaching kiln-forming, she also finds working on large-scale constructions with bamboo and paper, equally rewarding. She has spent several years working with other artists and communities creating ephemeral large scale lantern constructions for celebrations and festivals around NSW.


Abscraft said...

Great work