Sunday, January 18, 2009


colcast & pure glass, lifesize - Undercliff Winery 2008
Price: $12,000 or $2,200 each

Col Henrys’ Gossamer Series involves physically sketching in space. His ethereal sculptures create complex three-dimensional forms that are both formal and conceptual. The apparent fragility of the work suggests a rhythm that is meditative and engaging - the artist seeing them as metaphors for imagination and creativity. These gossamer works are designed for external installation and are strong and flexible although lightweight.

Col has been a practicing studio artist for over 40 years, having exhibited widely and undertaken a number of significant public sculpture commissions. He lives and works at Wyong Creek, in the Yarramalong Valley. He continues to mentor emerging artists through his popular sculpture classes, involving himself in many forms of artistic endeavor by helping community groups and local schools to achieve excellence in art and art awareness.

colcast and pure glass, lifesize, Undercliff 2007/8
Photo: Mattias Morelos, 2008
Price: $3,500

Photo: John Harrison, 2007


Abscraft said...

Interesting work. I like the one that seems to capture movement.