Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mike Patton

sandstone and steel
600 x 600 x 1200 - Undercliff Winery, 2008
Price: $1500 ea.

Protozoa are a group of similar forms that engage the questions of the development of life form. Evolution, adaption and mutation. The three forms may take on different pathways to full development and success. These differences are suggested in shape and implied movement. The stone ‘core’ of these ‘creatures’ the cellular center and the steel expressing from this center the diversion of form arising as development.

Where in the seed steel and timber - 1800 x 600 x 900, Undercliff Winery 2008
Price $7500

Where in the seed
represents an imagined flower part. The steel outer form reminisc
ent of a petal in its voluptuous curve, now dehiscent, it becomes a lacework of disused veins and pathways. The energy is drawn back, within, as a seed forms. Rising through the umbilical to the timber form attached and floating within the shielded protection of the outer form.

Mike has worked in the creative visual communicative arts for nearly 20 years, training in commercial photography teaching him an appreciation and understanding of light. He has a diversity of skills ranging from blacksmithing and props making through to those of an arborist. He worked in Film and TV as an art director. Creating art and sculpture Has always been his first love.