Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan Shaw

The Conversation
carrara marble, black granite 580 x 320 x 600mm - Millbrook Estate 2008
Price: $10,000

Jan’s conversation was one with the beautiful tuscany landscape conceived in a studio in Carrara, Italy and realised in the residence of fellow sculptor May Barrie on the South Coast of NSW. Stone carving is a life long passion for Jan. She attempts to capture emotion without any preconceived ideas working into the block of stone, remaining open and enquiring until she finds her directon guided by the qualities of the stone itself.

Jan studied art at the Sculpture Centre in the Rocks,with Mitzi McColl and went on to teach at the centre for 3 years. She has been a member of the Sculptors Society in1974, completing major commissions for the Bicentennial Sculpture Park at Gallery 460, private collections in WA and two Donnybrook carvings - Nanarup Dreaming and Earthly Star Watcher, 12 and 3 tonnes respectively.