Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scott Ingram

marble and recycled steel - 480 x 500 x 1150mm Price: $3,500

Troubadours were lyric poets and singers roaming medieval France, singing the ballads of their time and place. “When I wake in the morning I hear the sounds of natures own Troubadours bringing in the new day. Not sure what they sing, maybe they are simply saying “just live for today” Their style is know as Trobar leu ‘to find, invent compose.”

crushed white marble & pattern stone binder 800 x 170 x 140 mm
Price: $1,200 per pair (2/21 limited ed.)

Scott has been a practicing sculptor for the past 12 years and likes to use as much recycled materials as possible evolving them into sculpture. He attended Tom Bass Scupture School in 1998 and has done bronze casting and photography at NAS in 1997 and 2007. He enjoys drawing and etching which he believes to be the heart beat of his sculpture making. Scott has a background in building and farming and currently lives and works in Sydney.